“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”  Mark 16:15

I will praise you,
with all my HEART;
I will tell
of all your

Psalm 9:1

Agape' News

Agape has begun!

Agape meetings will be every
Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m

You are invited to come and share in a great time of stories, music and adventure!


The Agape children presented their Christmas program on Sunday morning, December 22nd during the Sunday school hour.

Under the direction of Mark and Angie Millin, the children presented the Christmas story in the likeness of a Sight and Sound experience. There was quite a bit of activity with hustling and bustling about the stage, and the children did a great job of a freestyle performance. Mark and Angie provided some awesome props. The sanctuary was filled with family and friends and a time of refreshments and fellowship followed. Pastor Denton presented Mark and Angie with a gift for their dedication to the Agape program.

The Agape kids celebrated with a Hallelujah Party on October 30th. Here are a few photos of the fun that was enjoyed by all. At another meeting they made Christian testimony necklaces for the Christmas shoeboxes.

AGAPE completed another year and celebrated the last event March 27 with a pizza party. Thanks to all the parents who lent helping hands at the Agape meetings since last fall. Your willingness to teach or otherwise support is greatly appreciated. Special appreciation and thanks to Mark and Angie Millin for their leadership role in organizing all the lessons and activities the children enjoyed. God bless you all.

Parables were the focus of Agape lessons this year. In these photos the kids enjoyed an object lesson on forgiveness. After studying the story of the mean servant found in Matthew 18:21-35, the kids observed what sin can look like when we keep anger and resentment in our hearts. With the help of the Holy Spirit (balloon), we can let go of those heavy burdens and forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us.

Wesley Chapel Agape kids, along with Youth members and some competitive adults from the congregation, had a blast bowling on March 17th! We filled reserved lanes with 37 participants, accompanied by those who came to cheer on the sidelines! The family that is our church was so evident as we enjoyed the after-noon together! A BIG Thank you to Wesley Chapel for funding and supporting this event. Enjoy the photos!

The Agape children presented their Christmas program on Sunday morning, December 16th during the Sunday school hour. Based on “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and under the direction of Mark and Angie Millin, the children performed “The True Meaning of Christmas.” The sanctuary was filled with family and friends and time of refreshments and fellowship followed. Many thanks to Mark & Angie for the awesome presentation and to the parents for their support.

Cast of characters:

Snow Tubing

Wesley Chapel Agape kids, youth, adults and guests enjoyed a super night out snow tubing at Seven Springs. Around forty people showed up on February 15 for two hours of exciting descents on the snowy slopes. Thanks to Mark and Angie Millin for getting it organized.

Children’s Aid Home

The AGAPE kids will be collecting new or gently used backpacks, duffle bags or suitcases for the Children’s Aid Home. There is a great need for these items as the children are placed in new homes or are granted weekend visits. Donations will be collected during the month February.


The AGAPE KIDS and youth have set the date of February 15, 2017 to go snow tubing at Seven Springs. Adults are welcomed to go as well. The time is set for 6-8 p.m. watch the bulletin for more details.

Veterans Day

On Wednesday, November 9th, the AGAPE kids observed Veterans Day with a special guest speaker. Christine Sechler visited the Wesley Chapel kids and shared an interesting piece of American history with them. Her program focused on the Civil War One Man Band also known as “Jingling Johnny.” The Union was known for its marching bands. Music kept the soldiers in step and their spirits high, but the Civil War lasted much longer than anyone expected and over time the government could no longer provide a band for the Union foot soldiers. And so, the “Jingling Johnny” appeared at the front of the march. One man replaced an entire band with a homemade instrument. The Jingling Johnny kept a lively beat and instilled a sense of hope and pride in a very weary army. After a fun demonstration, Mrs. Sechler lead the children in a march around the fellowship hall as they sang, "I’m in the Lord’s Army! Yes, Sir!"

AGAPE Coat Drive

Donations of new or gently-used coats in good condition are being accepted through November 6 for the Salvation Army Coats for our county.  Please place your donations on the table in the fellowship hall. Thanks for your help.



Agape kids send get well wishes!

The Agape kids created a notebook of get well wishes to Billy Hearn who has been in and out of the hospital for 6 months.

Billy is home now and was very happy to receive the kids artwork.




Vacation Bible School 2016

Vacation Bible School 2015!

Wesley Chapel VBS 2015

It was an exciting week at SonQuest Rainforest VBS! Our daily lessons revolved around 5 parables of Jesus which challenged the children to Get It! (God's Word), Get Found!, Get God's Love!, Get Praying! and Get Going! The children enjoyed delicious snacks and got soaked playing water games and having scooter races. They made tropical terrariums, rain sticks, prayer journals, suncatchersand lightning bugs during craft time. It was quite a workout singing and dancing each night. We also enjoyed praising God through worship songs.

Our pennies this year will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation in honor of Ethan Stark. The children raised $566.34. Way to go kids! We also had a food drive to benefit Lazarus Gate Food Pantry in Rockwood. We made it a friendly competition between the boys and the girls. It was a close race all week, but the girls ended up in the lead with 223 items. The boys brought in 216 items. We ended the week announcing the winners of our coloring contest. All the pictures we received were excellent!

The winners were:

Five kids memorized their Bible verse every night. They were Whitney Bobish, Maddox Sanner, Jaden Stark, Ethan Stark and Steven Sanner.

I would like to thank everyone who helped in any way for making VBS such a success. All the prayers, donations, teachers, leaders, and anyone who came out to lend a hand are greatly appreciated. We have an amazing church family here at Wesley Chapel. But most of all, thank you, God! Without You, none of this would be possible.

- Kristen Sanner

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Wesley Chapel family and friends enjoyed a night snow tubing at Seven Springs recently. Mark Millin had a time of devotions. Over thirty adults, youth and children took to the slopes on a mild winter evening while enjoying pizza and fellowship inside.



Snow Tubing

Enjoy the following photos from our annual snow tubing event which was held on Wednesday, February 25 at Seven Springs. Connie shared a devotion about “Snow Days” and Pastor asked for safety for the night. Angie reported that 88 persons attended.

posted March 2015

HALLELUIA PARTY - October 29, 2014

The church was filled with characters from the Bible at the Halleluiah Party at Agape. There certainly was a lot of creative thinking going on. Enjoy the photos.



A BIG THANK YOU to Christine Singo
for all the years she served as Agape Coordinator.

Christine wore many hats and did a great job as she organized and directed the weekly meetings of children’s Agape. Christine was recognized during worship service on March 30 with a special signed photograph and a gift certificate to the Christian Bookstore, presented by Pastor Denton and the kids. Following worship, everyone enjoyed cake in her honor.

The parents and children also presented a goodie basket to Christine at the final Agape this season on April 2, 2014.



Everyone had a great time at  the annual Agape  Christmas Pizza and  Pajama Party. Thanks to Christine Singo & ALL her wonderful volunteers. To God be the glory for your awesome ministry.

Calling all Kids!We have been very busy learning "To Be Like Jesus"! We have been averaging 20 - 25 kids each Wednesdaynight. The kids are encouraged each week to bring their Bibles and learn their memory verses. They have also been busy practicing their songs for the Christmas play, making bulletins for the Thanksgiving eve service and making necklaces for the Operation Christmas Child boxes! The kids also wrote letters to Santa as part of afund raiser for Make-A-Wish. For each letter written to Santa, Macy's will donate $1.00 to Make-A-Wish. Barbara Stark was very excited about this and shared Ethan's Make-A-Wish story with all of the kids. What a great cause, and I am glad that the kids helped by writing letters to Santa. Thanks everyone for volunteering to teach and also for the wonderful snacks.

God Bless, Christine

Also please note: There is NO Agape on December 25 and January 1

Posted 11-27-2013

The children from Youth, Agape and adults enjoyed a night of snow tubing at Seven Springs on February 20, 2013. Looks like everyone had a great time!

snow tubing



Vacation Bible School

Our VBS this year was “Tell it on the Mountain,” July 15-19

"Tell It on the Mountain, Where Jesus Christ is Lord," VBS 2013 was held July 15 - 19 from 6:00 - 8:30 p.m. with the closing program on Sunday, July 21 during the morning worship service. We averaged 42 Bible explorers each evening and begged, borrowed and collected $470 in pennies for our mission projects, the Murwira Children's Orphanage in Africa and Christmas for Kids in Somerset County sponsored by the Somerset Alliance Church.

Each evening we climbed a different mountain in search of a new lesson from God. We started with Moses climbing to meeting God on Mt. Sinai, where God gave us laws to live by. This expedition was lead by Forest Stark. We joined Connie Pletcher on Mt. Carmel and followed Elijah proving that our God is the only true God and those who followed false gods, like Baal, were just wasting their time. We then trekked to the Mount of the Transfiguration with Christine Singo to learn how Jesus "changed" into His heavenly body and was praising God with Moses and Elijah. Through this lesson we learned that Jesus was truly God's Son and only He could have done this miraculous event. Pastor Denton walked us up to Golgotha (the Hill of the Skull) to learn how Jesus was sent to us to save us from our sin. Only Jesus could have loved us so much to have died to give us eternal life. Praise be to God for His saving grace and gift of eternal life. Finally, Dave Henry "tied" us up and dragged us to the Mount of the Great Commission. Jesus met with His disciples on this mountain one last time before He was to ascend to heaven. He told the disciple to go and tell everyone to the ends of the earth of God's love and gift of eternal life. Jesus also commissions us as his disciples to do the same, "Go and Tell the World that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. "

The expedition teams also enjoyed stopping off at Vista Crafts with Holly Sanner, Roxanne Blough, and Candee Jackson to make bird feeders, backpacks, Bible covers and key chains.  Of course in the heat and humidity of the week, the explorers needed to cool off at Cliffhanger games and Trailside snacks. Marsha and Rich Beahr, along with Ryan and Jordan Blair and Taylor Smith, were more than happy to provide something cool to eat (Mt. Carmel Sundaes) and a lot of water games. Ask the children how to  jump rope and hold a glass of ice water.

The hills came to life with the sounds from Music Mountain lead by Beth Blair and Linda Henry.  We sang "Tell IT" and "Tell it on the Mountain" to name a few of the songs.

We had a great week, and I want to thank everyone for giving of his/her time and talents to share the love of Jesus Christ. Our goal is always to plant those seeds and pray for their growth in these children so full of potential. Thanks to the church for its support of this vital program.

May God continue to bless these children and all the children's ministry programs.
Praise be to God for his love and strength.

Rene Temple
VBS Expedition Coordinator



Reliving the “Zone”

 Greetings from the Bug Zone VBS 2012, actually the former Bug Zone, also known as Wesley Chapel UMC, and the exterminators have debugged the building of the "invited" bug population.

VBS, held July 9 - 13, 2012, was a super week that just flew by too quickly.  The church was buzzing, chirping, and humming with the sounds of little persons being inspired to transform into the beautiful creatures God intended. The Bible lessons were AWESOME, sometime you all should read about Joshua, Gideon, Ruth & Naomi, Zacchaeus, and Paul. They really did make huge changes with God's love and guidance.  Our crafts were colorful and fun to make. The peanut butter jars made fantastic bug collection jars.  Our music had us "Glowing" like fireflies, and "Buzzing" with the bees, all to praise our Lord.  Everyone enjoyed the sweet treats and "freshly squeezed" bug juice.  The relay races helped burn off the excess sugar, while the annual water games kept everyone cool and soggy.

Rene TempleEven with all that "fun" going on, we managed to have a daily attendance of 40 kids each night with offering totaling $172.55, and the mission pennies adding up to  $381.23. The mission pennies will go to Amistad International's Murwira Children's Orphanage in Africa.
Our closing program was July 15 during the worship service with Pastor Denton preaching to a full house.  After the program, we enjoyed delicious refreshments and fellowship with family and friends.

Again, I would like to thank the church for their ongoing support of the VBS program and those who volunteered their time and talents to help inspire the transformation of all those young lives.

Besides the kids having fun, I know all the staff really enjoyed themselves too, but I still had more fun 'cause VBS rocks.
Hope to see you next year.

Rene Temple
(AKA the Bible school Lady)

VBS 2011

VBS 2011


Tubing 2011

Christmas Pageant

March 2011 

Another great and exciting year of Agape has come to an end. I would like to thank everyone in the church who has helped this year. Thanks to those who taught, helped every Wednesday evening or donated snacks. This truly is a great program for our children and could not go on without everyone's help. Our Wednesday evenings have been filled with great lessons, fun games, projects, great fellowship and sharing the love of Christ.

This year we had several projects such as making cards for soldiers, Operation Christmas Child letters and boxes, Valentine's Day cards, cards for Maxine and Mary Ellen, and who could forget our awesome night of snow tubing.

This year a few of the kids will be moving on to youth—Haley Beahr, Alex Henry, Marlee Parks and Paige Smith. They will surely be missed on Wednesday nights.

Thanks to all who helped this year. We look forward to another great year of Agape' next September.

Submitted by, Christine Singo

December 2010  

We have been busy learning and working Wednesday nights.  In November we were able to make 140 cards for the Operation Christmas Child boxes and bulletins for the Thanksgiving eve service.  In December we will be working on learning the 23rd Psalm, practicing for the Christmas play, and making luminaries for the Christmas eve service.  Thanks to everyone for his/her support and remember to pray for the kids!

Christine Singo

November 2010    

The Agape’ season is well underway, and I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to teach or give snacks.  This church is blessed with some very good teachers and bakers.  Even though I say this, there are still some spots left to sign up for teachers.

In September and October, the kids have been taught lessons on Living a Fruitful Life.  There are six lessons in this series, and the titles are Perseverance; Don’t Be Lazy; Right Priorities; Don’t Waste Your Talents; Heavenly Treasures; and Count Your Blessings.  We have had anywhere from 25 to 31 kids attending each evening.

In September, the kids worked on cards for the SOS project.  We were happy to give Sonja cards for all of the soldiers in David’s unit.
By the time you are reading this, the kids will also be working on cards for the Operation Christmas Child.  The goal is to have the kids make one card for each of the boxes.   This has been an annual project, and we look forward to working on them each year.

I close with a memory verse the kids learned:  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man.”  Colossians 3:23

Thank you.
Christine Singo

Acolytes Needed

 If you are ages six or up and would like to serve as an acolyte for 2010, please sign up on the bulletin board.  Since there are a large group of children involved with this ministry, they will now be acolytes for three Sundays in a row and not four as in previous years.  We would like to give everyone an opportunity to be able to be a part of this ministry.

VBS NEWS 2010Vacation Bible School Photo

Camp Son Rock Kids Camp is officially closed for the season. We had a FABULOUS time in the presence of the Lord. It was a hot and humid week. The temperatures soared and so did our attendance. We averaged 50 campers every night. One of our largest VBS' yet. We were dancing and singing about "Walking on Water," making garden stones and learning how to 'Fish for men' in the tent outside the church. Then we cooled down with water balloon races and s'mores trail mix and milk. As the number of campers added up so did our mission pennies. We collected $299 in pennies (6 gallon jars full). Hopefully, next year we can collect 10 jars full. Our offering for the week and for the closing program totaled $399. That will send a lot of school supplies to Afghanistan and help a lot of kids through Child Evangelism.

It was a super week with great kids, fabulous staff and most of all an extraordinary walk with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you again to all who shared their time and talents with the kids and always thanks to the church and congregation for your loving prayers and support.

Respectfully submitted,
Rene Temple, VBS Director

Many Thanks...

I would like to thank the children for their amazing energy and talent, and for the awesome job they did on the Christmas Program. I would like to thank Cathy Schmuck and Maxine Temple for leading the sing-a-long, Mary Ellen Hoover and the dinner committee she spearheaded. To all those who donated food, to the servers and those who delivered meals to the shut-ins, thank you. To Sara Pletcher for her gift of technology with the computer and for her time and help at practices. Thank you to Mark Temple and Kristen Sanner who helped with the presents display and to Marsha Beahr who provided gift boxes. Thanks to Patty Miller for her gift of decorating. Thank you to the parents and grandparents involved with helping the children learn their parts and for getting them to practice. Thanks to all those who stayed and cleaned up, to everyone for their support for this program and for all the help that came my way.

I especially thank and praise God for the privilege of directing the program this year.

To God be the glory! – Cathie

Those participating were:

  • Haley Beahr
  • Luke Beahr
  • Ian Blevens 
  • Maddie Blevens
  • Joe Blough
  • Sara Blough
  • Whitney Bobish
  • Alex Henry
  • Cody Kimmel
  • Brayden Miller
  • Elliot Pletcher
  • Jack Pletcher
  • Lillian Pletcher
  • Rhett Pletcher
  • Ross Pletcher
  • Emily Singo
  • Jeremy Singo
  • Morgan Stevanus
  • Courtney Smith
  • Paige Smith
  • Taylor Smith
  • Thayne Smith
  • Jenna Miller
  • Kaylie Miller
  • Mason Miller
  • Matt O’Brien
  • Marlee Parks
  • Caitlyn Thomas
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Sean Thomas
  • Steven Sanner

Crocodile Dock

Vacation Bible School 2009

We would like to thank everyone.... from our leaders and helpers to all the parents for helping to make this years Vacation Bible School a GREAT success!
Check out the pictures >>