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Interested in Getting High Speed Internet in Our Area?

Once 50 people in our exchange (926) or 25% of the subscribers in a community serving area sign up, Verizon is obligated under State Law to provision DSL within one year of the petition receipt.

Verizon BFRR Procedure Use this to petition Verizon for DSL;

  1. Follow this link— http://www22.verizon.com/foryourhome/bfrr/
  2. Once at the BFRR FAQ page, click on the last question, “How do I submit a BFRR form?” and then follow that link.
  3. At the BFRR screen, simply fill in your telephone number and the account number from your telephone bill (first 13 digits only.)
  4. Fill out the on-line form, submit, and you’re done.

September 2008