"Building for the Lord"

News from the Missions committee……

News from the Missions Committee. On Saturday, June 18, members of the church were part of a couple other groups who installed vinyl siding to the Christian Service Center, owned by Normalville UMC. They were Harry Hoover, Mark Temple, Todd Pritts, Brad Pletcher and Bob Miller. Several ladies donated baked sweets and Luella, Cook and Dawn prepared and delivered food for their mid-morning break and lunch. Thanks so much and God’s blessing on you.

Saturday, June 18

New this year from The Salvation Army.

I think everyone is familiar with the “Red Tag” campaign from previous years where you receive a tag with a child’s name on it and you purchase a Christmas gift for that particular child.

This year The Salvation Army is implementing an extended Red Tag campaign for Somerset County residents.  Tags will be specific for; Home Heating Fuel, Personal Care, Christmas Meal and as always, Christmas Child.

You choose a tag and purchase the listed items, return your “bag” to Wesley Chapel and we’ll deliver it to The Salvation Army to be distributed to a Somerset County resident that needs a little help this winter.

Home Heating Tag:  Monetary donation to the Salvation Army AND you designate who your fuel purchase goes to; senior citizen, disabled person, family w/young children or veteran.  Checks are made out to Salvation Army and payment is made directly to fuel provider.

Personal Care:  Includes:  shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper and bath soap.

Christmas Meal:  Includes:  instant potatoes (8 oz), instant stuffing (8 oz), canned vegetable – 2 (15 oz), canned yams (15 oz or larger), egg noodles (12 oz), canned fruit – 2 (15 oz), gravy (packet or canned)cake mix, icing and $10.00 ham donation (cash/check - The Salvation Army will purchase the hams).

It’s a fairly simple process that will exude Christian love throughout Somerset County.

                Tags will be available Sunday, November 2 and donations will need to be returned by Sunday, November 30th.

                Let us pray that this Holiday season be filled with Christ-like love to all we touch by word or deed.

“A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” – John 13:34

Dawn Pletcher, Missions chair


Local Mission Activity:

The local mission’s team have completed two carpentry projects so far this spring/summer.

The first was repairing the kitchen floor of the mobile home of the Frazee family in Somerset. The project consisted of rolling back the existing carpet, replacing the subfloor then relaying the carpet. A weak spot in the hallway floor and the front door that would not close were also repaired.

The second project was building a handicap ramp on the home of James & Anna Hanley, Somerset. Mr. Hanley, a Korean War Veteran, is now limited to wheelchair use, and we are very pleased to be able to supply a much needed service to him. Both of these missions were one day projects and a HUGE thank you goes out to all the guys who gave of their time and energy to make them happen.

Posted August 2014

Missions Work Week 2013!

Missions Work Week 2013!

This year’s mission project was kept locally.  The mission team decided to do some work for Tim and Carol Pletcher.  After assessing what was going to need done, the team decided to demo the backside of the house and rebuild on top of a pre-existing foundation.  The rebuild consisted of three bedrooms and a bathroom. Ursina Community Church of God, Kingwood Church of God, and First Christian Church of Somerset joined our team and helped in every step of the work.  Demo was done on June first.  The churches joined forces and removed the back section of the house and removed the debris by using good old man power and a little tractor power.  At the end of the day, the back section of the house was ready for Russ Pletcher, Jamie Singo  and Todd Pritts  to level up the foundation and prepare it for the rebuild. 

The rebuild began by several meetings and determining the layout of the new section of the house.  The churches planned out who would get what supplies and, of course, the ladies decided on the meals menu.  On June 17,  the churches once again met and joined forces to begin the rebuild, including how to work through several rain storms.  The men decided to retreat for a cookie and coffee break when the rain went from slight rain to a very heavy downpour.  The rain set us back on several occasions, but the crew never let it get them down.  There were many members from each of the churches that helped out in many ways.  The ladies on the job site got lessons in wall building and once dry wall was installed texturing the walls and ceiling.  Dawn and Luella Pletcher, Mary Ellen Hoover, Karen Ohler, Alex Gerber and Connie Hearn  made sure that all the workers had plenty of food to eat at lunch time and kept the coffee and cookies supplied for the breaks when the rain got intense.  Thank you ladies for the time it takes to plan and prepare meals.

The men on the job site were a wonderful sight to watch in action.  They all had jobs and had many many tools to accomplish those jobs.  If you Missions Work Week 2013!would sit back and watch, it was amazing to see all the talent that is present on a job site.  Each and every one of the men has a special talent to work alongside each other, put up with distractions and interruptions by the paparazzi and to keep up the work pace and accomplish an awesome goal!  This year we had many children and some youth to help out.  The children were great at getting supplies needed, picking up garbage, taking drinks and cookies to the workers, painting the exterior foundation and learning many new skills.  Thank you to all the parents that allowed their children to come and work while learning.  

This year the mission team added an extra day due to the setbacks from the rain.  Finishing touches such as paint and trim needed to be done.  The flooring was installed in the hallway and bathroom.  The carpet in the bedrooms was installed a few days later.  At the end of the week, the LORD provided many people with many talents to accomplish a rebuild for a local family.  Thank you LORD for all that you do and all that you provided for an AWESOME week of work and fellowship with others that LOVE YOU! 

-Mindy Singo

Agape' Ministry - Work Project "Thanks"

To everyone who helped replace the drop ceiling in the sanctuary of St Mark’s Lutheran Church on March 2nd. Great food and fellowship! Thanks be to God!

As we were completing the project, we had several members of the St. Mark’s congregation approach us and thank us for replacing their ceiling.  They were amazed that we would take the time to do this work for complete strangers. To which we replied, we are all members of Christ’s family, and this is one way we can demonstrate God’s Love.

Posted 4-1-13

Mission Workday at Maple Summit

Saturday, July 14th, 2012 found 24 eager men from Wesley Chapel, Kingwood Church of God and Somerset First Christian Church loading their carpentry tools and setting off over the mountain.  Where:  Maple Summit Church.  What:  To build a 22’x 32’ addition onto the existing church structure.  Why:  To accommodate two Sunday school rooms and a restroom.

I’m very glad to report that even though it rained off and on throughout the morning, the job was completed as planned.  Great job guys!  And also to the ladies who provided lunch to the crew, Thank you!  Wesley Chapel is very blessed to have a church family full of giving hearts, helping hands and unlimited gifts and talents.

Maple Summit church is pastured by Rev. Patrick Smiley.  He and his small congregation will continue to work over the next several months to finish their new addition.  This project is quite an undertaking for them, and we ask that you pray that God will continue to bless and guide them in their vision and ministry.

 --His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!  You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share your Master’s happiness!’  -Matt 25: 21

From the Peoples United Church of Maple Summit -

To the volunteers that helped build our church,

Many thanks to all, wish we could meet you, everyone personally, our hearts are full of thankfulness. May the Lord bless you all beyond measure.

Pastor Smiley & his congregation


Agape' Mission Project 2011

 Another successful year

         Another year and another successful house building project in Philippi, WV. We had the opportunity to work alongside five other churches to make a home for Roy and Christina Newlon.  It was great to see many old faces and also have the opportunity to meet many new ones. There was a lot of hard work, good fellowship and great food. We want to thank everyone who helped make this project possible, for the volunteers, all the donations and prayers. The Lord has blessed the Agape’ Ministry each year.  We thank you for your support of this project.

We will have a presentation of the project in August during Sunday school.
Building for the Lord,
Agape Mission Team

August 2011

Agape' House Project

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again when we will be traveling to Philippi, WV, to build another house. This year the group will have volunteers working on the house project from six different churches: Wesley Chapel, Kingwood Church of God, First UM Church, (Parkersburg, WV), Aurora UM Church, (Ohio) United Community Church of God, (Ursina) and First Christian Church (Somerset). This is a great way to meet and work with other Christians while serving the Lord.

The new house will be 26’ X 30’, two bedrooms & one bath construction

We would like to thank in advance, everyone who has helped make this trip possible, the volunteers who take time off their jobs, some without pay, the kitchen crew, who plan & prepare all the meals, and all the donations and prayers. The Lord has blessed the Agape’ Ministry each year, and we thank you for your support of this project.

Please pray for Roy & Christina, as they prepare for our arrival.  Pray for the volunteer workers for a safe work week and for spiritual guidance for everyone involved. God blessed us and we were able to complete the last house in 4.5 days.

We will have a list of food items needed for the trip located on the mission bulletin board. If you would like to help with food donations, please sign up.

Work Trip Schedule

Sunday, June 19th
1:00 pm - The group will meet at Wesley Chapel Church parking lot— pack supplies & load trucks/trailers.
2:00 pm – Prayer circle & departure
4:30 pm – Unload supplies @ Philippi Baptist Church, drop trailers @ work site.  Check in at motel.
5:30 pm – Dinner at Philippi Inn (individual expense)
8:00 pm - Evening devotions – Communion

In case of an emergency, you can reach the work group at the two numbers listed below:

  1.  Heart & Hand – 304-457-1295 (leave message for the Wesley Chapel-Agape’ Group)
  2. Philippi Lodging Motel – 304-457-5888

If you would like to see the work site and house plans for this year’s project, check out the mission bulletin board.

Please pray for this project and for Roy & Christina. May we do God’s will according to His Word.

Building for the Lord
Agape Mission Team

Mark your calendars

This is a week of fun, hard work, great food& Christian fellowship. Look for more details next month.

Last year, during our Angel Food ministry, we established a good working relationship with First Christian Church in Somerset.  They served as the main distribution center for Angel Food in our area. During one of our 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning pickups, the subject of our house building projects in Philippi came up. They were interested in how it worked and if there was an opportunity for them to participate.

On Sunday morning, February 13, we attended both the early and mid-morning services at First Christian Church and presented a slide show of our 2009 house project. We are happy to report that the presentations were well-received by their congregation, and it appears that they will be sending representatives to join us for our 2011 house project in Philippi.

As we said during our presentations, our slogan is “Building for the Lord”...that includes not only the physical aspects of building a house, but also bringing more people to Christ to assist in helping the less fortunate.

We are excited about adding additional participants to our project and wanted to share the good news with you. Posted 2-24-2011

Blind Center Ready for Winter

Novtember 8, 2010

Blind Center Ready for Winter - Photo
Chris Meyer missing from the photo

Thanks to the eight volunteers who helped winterize the Somerset Blind Center on November 8th. The project consisted of installing heat tape on the front roof, removing air conditioners and sealing several inside windows with plastic.

The Tobias Family

September 25, 2010 7:00 AM

The Tobias Family 1020 Casselman Road Markleton, Pa 15551

Projects are inside the house and include:

  • Insulating ceiling
  • Covering ceiling with OSB
  • Installing a door
  • Moving household items back into house

If you have a few hours to help a neighbor, come join the fun & fellowship. Lunch will be provided.

Directions: 281 South towards Kingwood Turn left at Bungard Road Travel 1.5 miles straight on Casselman Road The Tobias house is on the left

Ruth Kreger’s Roof Completed!

Missing from the Photo, Jean Gary, Mindy Singo and Garth Miller

Thanks to the 23 volunteers from Kingwood Church of God, Wesley Chapel UM Church and United Community Church of God who worked on Ruthie's house July 10, 2010. The group worked for five hours to complete the roof. Ruth also had some help with some cleaning projects inside the house. Where are Jean & Mindy? We had a great day of fun and fellowship and did I mention Great Food! Thanks ladies.

The next Agape' mission project is scheduled for September 25.

Building for the Lord!

Agape’ Ministries Builds Handicapped Ramp Agape’ Ministries Builds Handicapped Ramp

On May 8, twenty-four volunteers from three area churches, United Community Church of God, Kingwood Church of God and Wesley Chapel UM Church, built a 100 foot handicapped ramp for Martha Nicholson.

The day was filled with lots of fun and fellowship and for some volunteers “first timers” new God given talents were discovered.

The Nicholson family provided lunch for the group, but it was more like a “feast” with all the different items they made. The day was truly a blessing to everyone.

If you would like to be a part of the fun and fellowship while also helping your neighbors, Agape’ Ministries has two more projects planned for the summer:

  • July 10 - New Centerville
    • 7:00 a.m. Ruth Kreger's House
      Projects: The roof will be replaced and some projects inside the house to help Ruth.
      Lunch will be provided.
  • September 25 - Kingwood

And maybe you too will discover some new God given talents!

Building for the Lord,

Patty Miller

Next Step Center Work Day

On February 13, 2010, sixteen volunteers helped at the Next Step Center located in Somerset. Some of the projects included insulating the attic and prepping the walls for paneling, painting the office and installing shelves.

Wesley Chapel missions also donated two twin beds with mattresses and two dressers which completed one of the five bedrooms and is now ready for guests.

The center provides emergency housing for Somerset County families and individuals, enabling them to work towards a resolution of issues that might have led to homelessness. The Center opened in 2003 and during that time has helped many families get a new start. Wesley Chapel missions will continue to help the Next Step Center in other projects that are needed to help maintain and improve the house.

Thanks to everyone who helped on this project.

A helping hand for the McConnell Family A helping hand for the McConnell Family

Wesley Chapel mission group traveled to Pitcairn, PA on January 30, 2010, to help make repairs on the home (to be) of Theo, Renee and Shannon. The McConnell family lost their home and everything they owned to a fire in September of 2009. Also, the same day Mr. McConnell came home from the hospital after surgery on his back. The families was living in separate places for a while, but now they all have moved into a friend’s home until the construction on their new home can be completed. The house they are going to move into is around 100 year old, and with that said, a lot of repairs are needed before that will be possible.

The first night we went to Pitcairn to look at the house to get an idea of how our mission group could help the McConnell family, Theo asked us, “Why are you helping me and my family?” Our answer to him was, “When you are called by the Lord you go.”

Twenty-one volunteers worked on the house for eight hours completing several projects, such as, installing wood flooring in the kitchen and dining rooms, building a closet and vanity in the bathroom, installing an outside door, installing interior doors and adding shelves in the laundry room and closets and some painting. We had a great day of fellowship, and I’m sure the McConnell family will remember our group as the joyful workers serving the Lord. Thanks to everyone who helped on this project. A special thanks to Bob Miller who donated the wood flooring for the kitchen.

“Building for the Lord”
Wesley Chapel Missions

Agape’ Ministry 2010 A New Direction

On behalf of the Agape’ Ministry, I would like to thank you for your support and help with the 2009 house project for John Carper. Our week in Philippi was filled with joy, love, laughter and tears, and most of all, a sense that we were at the right place.  God called us to be in John’s life.

For some of us the trip to Philippi has been an annual vacation for the past fifteen years - building homes, adding additions, replacing roofs, and so much more.  In every case we were fulfilling our calling of Building for the Lord!

As we look forward to 2010, Agape’ Ministry will be moving in a new direction.   We have made the decision to build a house every other year and spend more time doing local missions.  This will allow more volunteers who could not make the trip to Philippi the opportunity to participate in local mission activities.

My hope is that during 2010 you will continue to look for ways to support the missions in your local area, and we will all be back together in 2011, in Philippi, for our next house project. 

As we start this New Year, let us rejoice in all that the Lord has provided for us, and all those we have touched in the last 15 years.

Have a Blessed New Year,

Agape’ House Project 2009
Wesley Chapel UM Church

This is the fifth house Agape’ Ministry has built in Philippi, WV, and again the 24 X 30, two-bedroom house was completed in less than a week, 4.5 days to be exact. It’s still a wonder how this all comes together…… Thanks be to God!

John Carper’s New Home Approximately sixty-five volunteers worked on the house the first day and a total of eighty-five volunteers through out the week. Churches that participated in this year’s House Project were: Wesley Chapel UMC, Kingwood Church of God, United Community Church of God, Ursina, First UMC, Parkersburg WV, and Aurora UM Church, Aurora, OH.

The Agape’ Mission committee would like to thank everyone who helped to make this house project possible. From donations of monies, food, building materials, time and physical labor, you are a part of this ministry “Building for the Lord”

Please keep John Carper in your prayers as he moves into his new home and hope that he will know what God has made possible.

The committee is still waiting for the final numbers on this project, but so far everything is in line with last year’s budget. A complete breakdown will be in the The Chapel Messenger next month. Also, a presentation on the Agape’ House Project will be given in August or September during the Sunday school hour. Thanks for all the prayers.

Submitted by,
Patty Miller
Missions Co-chair

View Photos of the Phillippi Mission Trip for 2009

We have a mission project for everyone!

  • "Tender Hearts" - Developed by Wesley Chapel as a out reach to the children of Somerset County in CYS.

  • "Operation Christmas Child" - Every Christmas gift boxes are filled and given to children all over the world.

  • "Operation Warm Neighbor" - Working with The Salvation Army, volunteers help families in Somerset County, by sealing the windows with plastic before the winter months.

  • Harvest Home - October is the time to collect commercially canned foods and fresh produce.
    All donations are given to the Somerset Food Pantry & Meals on Wheels.

  • Red Kettle Campaign - Each year many volunteers from Wesley Chapelhelp The Salvation Army collect funds at Christmas time.

  • "Angel Food Ministry" - Wesley Missions donate two basic food units to families each month. Volunteers help oneSaturday a month to hand out the food.

  • Mission work Projects - Building and repairs projects are scheduled when needed.

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