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RALLY DAY WAS BE HELD September 13, 2020

Rally Day was September 13 during the Sunday school hour and the results are in.

Our total attendance was 74 (one more than last years 73). All classes were challenged to bring a friend. The Highest Attendance award banner, went to the Seekers class, with 78% attendance. Our Combined Youth class placed second with 74% and the New Generation class came in third with 71% attendance. The Combined Youth class had 4 visitors so the welcome banner will be displayed in their class until Rally Day 2021.

Unfortunately our coloring contest was forgotten this year and a fall coloring is in the works. Thanks to our awesome teachers and to everyone who participated.

Additional percentages for the remaining classes are as follows:

Chicken BBQ

The BBQ project was a success again this year.  Thanks goes out to all the hard working members of the New Generation Class that work so smoothly together.  Thanks to everyone who does "his/her job" from year to year.  Also a huge thank you to everyone who donated money toward products necessary for the BBQ.  We were fortunate to have the cost of rolls, beans, soda, applesauce, chips, butter, ham for the beans and lighter fluid covered by generous members of the class.  In listing things this way rather than naming individuals - hopefully no one is missed and everyone realizes he/she is greatly appreciated!  Thanks for the beautiful weather that Saturday and the overall guidance goes to God.  It is through His grace and to His glory we are able to do this project from year to year.                                 -Karen Ohler


SUNDAY SCHOOL RALLY DAY - September 15, 2013


Rally Day
l. to r.: Joey, Julia, Whitney, Tyler, Faith & Glenn

Rally DayThe smiles in the above photo are the results of learning that the Little Growers Sunday school class won first place for having the largest percentage of attendance on Rally Day, September 15. They also were in a three-way tie for first place for having a visitor attend that day. The other classes who had a visitor were the Faithful Messengers and the Builders class. The banner will be shared and "travel" to those classes for four months at a time. The classes and their percentage of members attendance were: the God Squad - 33%, New Generation - 49%, Faithful Messengers - 56%, Builders and Young Pioneers— tied at 70%, Seekers - 72% and the Little Growers - 73%. Thank you to everyone who rallied and invited and encouraged class members and brought visitors. We praise God that there were 81 in Sunday school that day.

Congratulations to Whitney and Faith for winning first place in the Rally Day coloring contest.  Other participants were Julia, Steven, Adam, Glenn, Morgan, Maxx and Tristan. Thank you to all who shared their beautiful  artwork.


Many thanks to all the teachers who give of their time and talent to serve the Lord. Sunday school would not be possible without you.

Join us Sunday Mornings at 10:45 a.m.

Little Growers Little Growers
Preschool thru kindergarten
  Faithful Messengers Faithful Messengers
1st thru 4th grade
Young Pioneers
(10 -11 thru 18 or graduating)


Young adults

The seekers class is teaching a curriculum that is moving thru the Bible.

New Generation New Generation
Adult - Teaching from
Standard Bible Study literature (International Lessons).
  Builders Builders
Adult - Teaching from Standard Bible